Management Services

I take on interim-management functions for operative performance improvement, corporate restructuring and change or in order to bridge vacancies involving challenging missions.

My attention is highly focussed on cooperative, attentive people in end-to-end and well-aligned, cross-linked processes, being the key to success.


My key to success is directing my attention towards co-operative, observant people end-to-end and well-aligned, cross-linked processes.


M&A Services

We mediate between companies and parts of companies in the course of successions, strategic adaptations or operative optimizing projects.

Depending on our assignment, our engagements include the search for and the initial approach to potential buyers or sellers as well as the supportive participation in negotiations up to the signing and closing of M&A transactions.


Analyses - Concepts - Expert Reports


We draw methodically substantive analyses, pragmatic implementation concepts and meaningful expert reports.


  • Strategic moves require market and competition analyses
  • Reorganization/restructuring assignments usually require authoritative reports including meaningful continuation forecasts.
  • Corporate transactions require thorough value estimations.